Marquette comes to Dubuque: Company plans new updates

DUBUQUE, IA – The Marquette Hall, LLC is a company based out of Kansas. It is a limited liability company, which means that it has its own unique corporate structure.

Last year, the organization approached the Dubuque City Council and offered to purchase Marquette Hall, a building which was previously part of the Sacred Heart School system under the banner of St. Francis Primary School.

Marquette Hall the building is located at the intersection of Queen and Regent streets in Dubuque, next to Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Since the school closed, the building is hardly used except for the occasional community event, such as the Unhinged sale of Friday, March 10, 2017.

Marquette Hall the company is planning to create a senior citizen residential structure out of the building. They plan to work with the Cohen-Esery Affordable Partners, LLC to begin actual construction and renovation. According to documents published by the City Council, the company purchased the building for one dollar, and has been negotiating the contract for the building ever since. Following a hearing by the Council on March 6, 2017, the company received permission to purchase the alleyway behind the hall in order to insure proper construction space. 

Currently, the company is waiting to hear about possible tax credits and benefits from the State of Iowa. Depending upon what they receive, they will finalize the sale and begin planning for construction over the next couple of weeks.

While this is a big question mark, Dubuque city officials, such as Economic Development Director Maurice Jones, are still optimistic about the proposed changes. He said that “We (the city of Dubuque) have this huge swath of buildings that are really ripe for being some sort of adaptive or reuse project…” He also encouraged other companies to consider Dubuque as well.

LCTV News contacted Brian Sweeney, the Development Director for the Cohen-Esery company, for his thoughts on the project. His opinions were positive, and he also expressed the hope that his company could work in Dubuque, either on this project or on future projects. 

To learn more about the sale of the Marquette Hall building, you may examine the publicly released documents at

Stay tuned for updates after the actual LCTV Newscast this Wednesday.

March 16, 2017- The story can be found at No other updates have occurred.

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