‘Man Up’ campaign under way

Man up. This often-negative command is heard by every male at some point while he grows up. But two sophomore students are doing what they can to bring positive discussion and change to Loras by taking this phrase and turning its meaning.

Patrick Krieger and Nathaniel Kapraun, two sophomore members of the Knights of Columbus and the Breitbach program, have begun a campaign they are calling “Man Up.” This campaign has the goal of addressing the negative views and stereotypes that pervade the Loras campus about what it means to be a man.

“The goal of our ‘Man Up’ campaign is to promote and bring awareness to the different qualities, characteristics and ideals a man should strive for in the contemporary world,” said Krieger. “We are not giving out a blueprint or a list; rather, our goal is to promote discussion in and around the Loras community about what a man truly is.”

One of the main ways Kapraun and Krieger are doing this is via a marketing blitz.

“We have created decals and posters that we want to circulate around campus. Each decal has a quote that should make someone stop and think about what really is the true understanding of masculinity. Similarly the posters are to call attention to this campaign.”

The decals will be available to students during lunch hours next Tuesday, April 30, and Thursday, May 2.
The “Man Up” campaign also is taking advantage of social media to encourage discussion.

“We are encouraging students to use #LorasManUp in order to have a real conversation through a relevant and accessible medium,” said Krieger.

This campaign is in conjunction with Human Dignity Week on campus next week, April 29-May 3. Human Dignity Week is being spearheaded and put on by many different organizations all coming together with the purpose of drawing attention to the dignity of every person.

Along with encouraging discussion about what it means to be a man, one of the goals of the “Man Up” campaign is to bring awareness to the other events on campus that promote the concept of respecting life.

“We understand one main duty of being a real man is to respect life: oneself, other men and especially women,” Kapraun added. “That is our call in life as men no matter what your faith tradition is.”

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