Man Brings Dubuque History Back to Life

DUBUQUE – A Dubuquer is bringing an important figure in Dubuque’s history back to life.

90 year-old Larry Friedman is the co-author of “A.A. Cooper: Reinventing the Wheel.”

The story recounts the life of the richest man to ever live in Dubuque.

Friedman teamed up with co-author Katherine Fischer for the project.

The book retells the story of the president of A.A. Cooper Wagon and Buggy Company.

Friedman says Cooper’s story is relevant to Dubuquers today; several historic Dubuque buildings are a product of Cooper’s massive wealth.

Friedman says happy with the book’s success and doesn’t mind the extra attention, stating he’s sold over 400 copies so far.

“It’s been a great success,” he smiled.

You can catch Friedman’s next book signing at 12:30 on February 22nd at the Dubuque Serra Club.

Friedman also shares a special connect with me; he is my grandfather.

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Ben Friedman

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Ben Friedman is an anchor and co-executive producer for LCTV News. He is a junior at Loras College from Ankeny, Iowa. Ben enjoys LCTV because it gives him an opportunity to combine creativity and storytelling in a way that helps him provide value to the tri-state community.

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