Mahone featured at Loras

Jared M.Singer/songwriter Jared Mahone performed for Loras students in the Pub at 8 p.m. last Friday night, Feb. 21. Not only did he play original music, but he entertained the crowd with humor, beatboxing, and backstories to each song he presented while throwing in tidbits of inspirational wisdom. His band won the Verizon Indie Icon competition in June 2013 against 2500 other bands and then was asked to perform on the Katie Couric show last November.

Mahone grew up in a musical family from Columbus, OH, that traveled in a bus that toured the country performing independent music.

“I grew up where it was normal to learn an instrument, sing a song, write music or sing on stage,” Mahone said. “I didn’t realize it was special until much later. I just thought it was what people did.”

He has been inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers.

“Most of what I was inspired by growing up was anything that was black culture music,” he said. “R&B, Hip Hop, soul, throwback stuff — it feels real to me.”

In terms of his lyrics, he is inspired by life experiences. One of the most popular songs of the night was entitled “From: Joe To: Betsy,” which is written as a letter Mahone imagines his wife’s grandfather Joe writing to her grandmother Betsy, who had passed away a few years before. In the song, Joe calls Betsy “wild and wonderful,” which is the slogan of the state they were from, West Virginia.

“I try to be an observer of life,” said Mahone. “Any writer or any creative person is. We are the sum of our parts. We breathe in our surroundings, the stuff we see, the stuff we feel, and we exhale our interpretation.”

The performance was very well-received by the audience.

“I thought it was really relaxing music, but he also kept us invested because he shared stories in between his songs,” said senior Teresa Gwardys. “His ending beatboxing performance was phenomenal and completely unexpected.”

“He was a lot like John Mayer,” said senior Jenna Adams. “He was very good. I was happily surprised.”

It was a consensus that this CAB event was successful.

“I wish more students would go to CAB events,” Gwardys continues. “They do such a good job of bringing in quality entertainment.”

Megan O’Neill, senior CAB executive, would like to invite all Loras students to the upcoming CAB events, which take place this Siblings Weekend. The weekend includes a craft/movie night, the Fun Fair, a performance by magician Peter Boie, and more.

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