Love Your Melon Campus Crew hosts first event

The Loras College Love Your Melon Campus Crew was not expecting to reach its goal as soon as they did.

The organization was approved for this year after initial talks about it at the end of the spring semester in 2016. Event crew captain, senior Payton Van Vors, said that the amount of time in which it took to be able to host the crew’s first event surpassed her expectations.

photos by Payton Van Vors

“When we reached the credit level to be able to host this party for Christopher Turnis, I was honestly shocked. As this is our first year as a crew, new crews aren’t typically able to host this type of an event until the end of the year,” she said. “However, our crew worked really hard this past year to get the word out, promote and sell hats. So because of that, we got to host this event right at the beginning of the semester and it was incredibly rewarding. I’m just happy because many of the students that helped put this organization together at Loras were seniors so it meant a lot to know they would be able to host this kind of an event before graduating because they definitely deserved it.”

Love Your Melon operates on a credit-based system. One purchase from the apparel brand equals one credit, if it is attributed by the buyer to go towards a certain campus crew. In order to host events, receive promotional items to distribute, etc., the campus crews are encouraged to promote sales as much as possible to be designated towards their school in order to reach these attainments. The crew was able to hold their first event on Sunday, March 6 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Fieldhouse after surpassing 250 credits at the very beginning of this semester. As of publication, they are at 312 credits.

For this particular event, the Loras College Campus Crew invited Christopher Turnis, a familiar face as he is a well-known Miracle Child involved in Dance Marathon, to campus to play basketball in the Fieldhouse. Crew members were sent superhero capes, as it is the tradition of the organization for each event that campus crew members host. Christopher attended with his family, and they were all given some Love Your Melon apparel. Members of the Loras College mens basketball and football teams attended the event as well and together they played pickup games with Christopher and the crew members.

As many of the current crew members are graduating in May, the Loras Campus Crew is looking for new crew members to continue bringing this mission to Loras campus. If anyone is interested, please contact Payton Van Vors at, or through their Facebook page at Look for Love Your Melon at upcoming events on campus, where they will be supporting fellow organizations and offering chances to learn more about their own organization. A few of the upcoming opportunities include at numerous Du-Buddies events for End the “R” Word Week and the St. Baldrick’s event in association with Dance Marathon. They will also be tabling in the upcoming weeks. When they table, they have their laptops ready to show off the merchandise and are excited to talk about their cause and about the good the funds do.

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