Loras transitions to online

By Jake Heelein and Chase Guerdet

Loras College has officially announced plans to move all face-to-face classes to an online atmosphere. The decision arrived via email on Sunday, Mar. 15 in an email sent from Jim Collins. The email, sent to all staff, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students detailed the process decided by the administration.

“It’ll be a challenge, but it’s certainly a challenge that we have been preparing for,” said Division of Communication and Fine Arts Chair, Craig Schaefer. 

Online streaming sources such as Zoom Room and Big Blue Button have both been potential options for professors to consider. Student reaction to this news has been mixed, with many having concerns about this new way of learning.

“I understand why they’re doing it, but it is not the way I prefer to learn,” stated Senior Caroline Breitbach.

However, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning, Robert Adams, reassured that this transition will not affect the quality of the classes.

“I am confident that we can retain the high quality of education that you have come to expect from Loras College,” he said.

In order for the quality of student education to remain, there may be a greater expectation for these students. Matthew Garrett, Chairperson for Faculty Senate, states the shift will demand some extra time management from students.

“When they come home they might need to get a job or they have family duties,” stated Garrett.

Yet even with these challenges in mind, Schaefer remains confident in the school’s ability to transition.

“You teach at Loras because you care about student learning, so while the environment in which we are doing that is going to change, the overall goal is not going to change at all.” 

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