Loras works to boost enrollment during the pandemic


Photo Courtesy of Loras College

With the upcoming academic year approaching, the school fears that they will see a new record low of new students due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The average amount of students that enroll every year at Loras College is about 400, but this year admissions is running approximately 20 students behind then last year.

Kyle Klapatauskas

 Kyle Klapatauskas is the Admission Director of Recruitment and Retention and said that he had a difficult March, but hopes that the month of April will be much different. “During the middle of March the deposits slowed down drastically,” Klapatauskas said.

“We have been pacing better since April first, but we do have some ground to make up for.”

When Klapatauskas was asked how is this year different than the previous years, he said that this year was already different because there was less regulation in colleges/universities being able to offer additional scholarships even when a student committed elsewhere. The concern with the school is that students are now committing elsewhere because of wanting to stay closer to home amid the Pandemic.

Another problem that the college is dealing with is waiting for students to make a commitment to their school. With no visits allowed on campus it makes it difficult for students to make college commitments if they don’t get a chance to tour the school. There are also still families that are waiting for this pandemic to diminish a little bit in order for them to make a decision and commit to the school.

Loras College has also been working with a Marketing department that is helping with recruitment. “We work very closely with Loras Marketing,” Klapatauskas said. “Luke Pattarozzi is our liaison to Marketing and his finger prints are all over our marketing materials.” Klapatauskas is grateful to have Pattarozzi because he’s been reading emails, looking at videos, and websites, and he’s done a lot for this school during this hard time.

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