Loras women #PushForProgress


Here is the complete list of the faculty and staff nominees for International Women’s Day.

  1. Sue Ross (Health Services)

“Students and Staff love Sue.  Sue is warm and connects with everyone on campus and goes above and beyond daily!”

  1. Colleen Fitzpatrick (Administration)

“Colleen has been working at the college since 2001 and in that time has served faculty and staff in Hennessy, Wahlert and Science Halls and now serves all faculty and many staff in her role as Academic Affairs Administrative Asst. In addition to the tremendous work she did while in the academic halls, she has also been the invaluable, organized, behind-the-scenes coordinator of numerous events at Loras, including the Faculty-Student Research Symposium (now Legacy), program conferences, DES banquets, etc. In each of her positions she has put forth a dedicated work ethic, took initiative to improve prior practices, and made daily lives and events run more smoothly. She is willing to work together to achieve goals and works well with a variety of people. She has been a welcoming face and helpful hand to many faculty, staff, and students.”

  1. Sister Bernadine Curoe (PT Coordinator for Academic Success)

“There is no one friendlier or more genuine here at Loras or has more love for Loras and its faculty/ staff and especially the students.”

  1. Valerie Bell (Criminal Justice)

“Valerie is very dedicated to her students, both in & out of the classroom.  Her personal attributes of warmth & concern for others are genuinely appreciated by our students, her colleagues, and those she encounters in the larger community.  Valerie is definitely “the good cop” in the CJ Program at Loras.”

  1. Bobbi Martin (CEL)

“Bobbi has worked in several departments at Loras College and is always willing to help in any way she possibly can.  In my short time here, I have witnessed Bobbi calm students who are distraught about missing family, aid faculty members in accessing resources, assist employers in connecting with students, and tirelessly play a pivotal role in coordinating CEL events. It is also my understanding that in the past, Bobbi & her husband Mike have welcomed homesick students or those far from their families to their home.  Bobbi is a born nurturer – she has a natural tendency to take care of the students here on campus and shows constant compassion to her co-workers.  I consider myself blessed to be working with her and – although she would never seek the recognition – I believe acknowledging her efforts and love of the Loras College community is a small way we can show our appreciation.”

  1. Kristin Anderson-Bricker (History)

“Kristin consistently gets her students involved in research involving primary historical resources many of which are located in the Center for Dubuque History on campus. Students become active learners and critical thinkers by using the “stuff” (primary sources) of which history is made.  She also encourages students to perform internships in the CDH which enables them to get experience in working in the public history sector.This is valuable for students in the social sciences who may not wish to pursue a teaching career.”

  1. Kristen Thompson (Engineering)

“Dr. Thompson has done several things.  She has create online homework for several classes and this helps the students get immediate feedback on their learning.  She has also mentored many of our engineering students, women and men, to help them grow into the type of person who will do great things after graduation.  She works hard to recruit women into the engineering program as well.  Dr. Thompson exhibits true servant leadership as she helps improve the Engineering program, mentor the students, and assist colleagues in making Loras a better place for student learning.”

  1. Karen Sturm (Noonan School of Business)

“Karen has done so much for Loras in her 30+ years of work as a teacher and administrator.  One key piece of her contribution that is often overlooked is her efforts as an advisor – she has probably advised more students over the years than anyone I know!”

  1. Denise Udelhofen (Athletics)

“Denise is the first and only female AD in history of Loras. Also serves on important NCAA committees.”

  1. Molly Burrows Schumacher (Student Life)

“Molly is just a wonderful person. She is always willing to help without any judgement. She is Funny sweet and strict all in one. She is like a mother away from home.  Her smile brighten up a room, and I aspire to be just like her.”

  1. Nancy Fett (Social Work)

“I would like Nancy Fett to be recognize because she truly cares for the welfare of the students at Loras College and loves to serve her community.  She seems to go out of her way to help students and is always involved in various workshops to help educate others.

What caught my attention about Nancy was in the lounge there was always food brought in and set on the table.  Wondering to myself does she realize the students are eating her food.  But to my surprise, she was bringing the peanut butter, crackers, oatmeal, donuts, pretzels, animal crackers and much more in for her students to grab.  Because she didn’t want anyone to have to go to class on an empty stomach or go back to the dorms hungry.”

  1. Angela Kohlhaas (Mathematics)

“Dr. Kohlhaas contributes to the college not only through her exemplary teacher, but also as a mentor, adviser, and member of the community.  She is active in initiatives of the peace and justice program, the faculty staff play, and many committees on campus.”

  1. Sarah Cassella (Neuroscience)

“Dr. Cassella in her first year at Loras is serving as a remarkable role model for female scientists. She has worked to improve the research experience for neuroscience majors at Loras by getting new equipment and upgrading the Behavioral Neuroscience Suite. Those changes and updates will have a major impact on students in neuroscience for years to come.”

  1. Stacia McDermott (Spiritual Life)

“Stacia is an outstanding female leader and advocate for people at Loras and in the larger community.”

  1. Donna Bauerly (Professor Emeritus, English)

“Dr. Bauerly was the first full-time female professor at Loras College.”

  1. Michelle Bechen (Social Work)

“Availability to students in need.  She is a beacon for those who are struggling with some type of life issue.  She is a tireless, enthusiastic advocate for the under resourced, undervalued, and under the radar populations needing attention.”

  1. Erin VanLaningham (English)

“For her leadership efforts at establishing the Legacy Symposium and leadership of the Honors program.”

  1. Naomi Clark (English)

“Dr. Clark should be nominated tor her creation of the Rhetoric and Public Writing minor, which gives Loras students avenues to learn tangible real-world applications of their writing skills.”

  1. Lynn Gallagher (Lynch Office)

“For her wonderful work with the ARCH program.”

  1. The female staff of Loras’ Athletic Department: Sam Griffith, Brit Kent, Katie Schweigert, Jenna Ness, Barb Vega, Ashley Winter, Kati Wubben, Carrie Kennedy, Jill Leibforth, Katie McDermott, Marni Chandlee, Itzel Rivera

“These women are positive role models to our female student athletes on a daily basis.  Many of their contributions go unnoticed and unrecognized but they don’t do it for the praise or recognition.  They help our student athletes because that is their passion.”

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Ashley Pudil is the Executive Editor for The Lorian.

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