Loras Students Make Plans for Midterm Elections

DUBUQUE– Though national trends indicate that young voters won’t cast as many votes as older generations during the midterm elections, students at Loras appear to be bucking that trend.

“I think it’s important to pick who is representing us in our government,” says senior Sami O’Neill. “With the political climate today, it’s important to share your thoughts and feelings on what America should look like.”

“I just think midterms are too often ignored by young voters,” commented junior Morgan Muenster. “It’s really important that we vote in every election that we can because we need to make our voices heard. We’re a lot more powerful than we think we are.”

In a recent survey of 70 Loras students, 91.4% of respondents said that they had, or will be casting a vote this election season. Those who will not be voting said that they didn’t have time to vote, or didn’t feel informed enough about the candidates to cast a ballot.

These are issues that Dubuque County Auditor Denise Dolan understands.

“It may be harder for young people to do research on a candidates that are on a midterm ballot,” she says.” They have other things on their minds, other things to do, but it only gets more hectic the older you get. So to start having young people get in the habit to vote is good.”

Fortunately for Dubuque residents, the County Elections Office provides resources for voters on their website. Sample ballots, polling locations, and even voter laws are all available to the public.

Dolan says that it’s important for voters to educate themselves on their candidates because of the role local government plays in their lives.

“Every federal election, you are electing your representatives to represent you in Des Moines, both in the Iowa House and in the Iowa Senate,” Dolan says. “And those are the people who live here in the community that you can call, or go see on a weekend when they’re back here. If you have an issue that’s concerning, they’re the easiest people to get in touch with.”

Election Day in November 6th. Though it is too late to register early or request an absentee ballot, Iowa residents can register to vote at the polls. Early voting is still available at the Courthourse and the Elections Annex. To learn more about where you can cast your vote, click here.

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Amber Krieg is a junior at Loras from Dubuque, Iowa. She currently works as an Executive Producer and reporter for LCTV News. Amber is majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Outside of TV studio, she enjoys working in the theater with the Loras Players.

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