Loras Student Speaks Out About Gun Violence

DUBUQUE, IA-¬†Loras student Grace Haggerty may only be one voice, but that isn’t stopping her from speaking out against gun violence.

Just last week students all across the country participated in a walk out to end school gun violence and Grace herself was at the head of the charge here at Loras.

With the recent evens in Parkland Florida, students like Grace are doing what they can to show the government they aren’t backing down.

Grace said, “I think such a big problem is that people don’t want to talk about it. In our government people are unwilling to compromise and have a discussion about solutions we can come to and so we really just want to come together and talk about what we can do as a community.”¬†

In the past 36 years there has been 16 school shootings in our country. Of those 16 school shootings there has been 195 injuries and 163 fatalities.

With these shootings happening so often many are wondering why care now? Why this particular shooting?

Politics professor Dr. Cochran chalks it up to the future leaders of our nation. “Students continuing to highlight the issue, to bring it up, indicates that we’re not going to treat this as normal. It’s not normal to live in a country where people get slaughtered in schools; where children get gunned down in their own schools.”

While the answer to solving the problem isn’t clean cut, Grace’s determination is. “We have to find a solution for it cause it’s not okay for it to continue the way it is.”

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Maggie is a junior at Loras College and is from Mokena, Illinois. She is an anchor, producer, and reporter for LCTV News majoring in media studies with a minor in Public Relations and Politics.

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