Loras Student Helps Decrease Food Waste on Campus

Sophomore Jacob Jansen has taken on a new role in the Loras Student Union as the Sustainability Chair.

Jacob gained an interest in food waste reduction in high school saying, “It really peaked in high school. I saw first hand the food waste that we were generating.”

Jacob wanted to continue his efforts at conservation upon coming to Loras. “We’ve been investigating it and seeing what’s going on in the Loras cafeteria and from there we’re just trying to reduce our waste.”

Each year the landfill receives 130,000 ton of garbage with one suspect in particular taking up its fair share of the trash: food.

Food waste brought to the Dubuque landfull accounts for 26,000 tons worth of garbage each year even though it is the most easily reduced form of trash.

Jacob alongside his boss Bev Wagner have been working to educate the community about food waste and why we should care where our food ends up when it leaves the table.

Dubuque Metro Landfill Education and Communication Coordinator Bev Wagner said, “It’s natural resources. They’re gifts from the earth that we shouldn’t just be wasting. When somebody gives us a gift we shouldn’t just toss it out.”

Both Jacob and Bev suggest a few easy ways to reduce our carbon footprint by asking questions, taking smaller portions, and putting pressure on the big guys in charge.

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Maggie is a junior at Loras College and is from Mokena, Illinois. She is an anchor, producer, and reporter for LCTV News majoring in media studies with a minor in Public Relations and Politics.

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