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LORAS COLLEGE- Finding new ways to stay active and stress free during COVID-19 ranges from working out to creating new things.

While quarantining last year may have made bad habits for some, I found two Duhawks who made the most of their time in quarantine and are bound to make a few bucks while doing it.

“I had made about seven a day. It was absolutely insane,” Loras student Laya Danelski said.

For Freshman Laya Danelski and Sophomore Maddy McCabe,

“It’s about like putting the right colors, the right materials, in there and like glitter, like glitter is a huge part of it,” McCabe said.

They find art as their own personal getaway without having to leave their dorms.

Danelski explains, “I found this Etsy shop that made them their own, but throughout COVID they had worked on some other projects. And so they ended up stop making these. And so that’s where my inspiration came from is the desire for them from other people.”

Danelski who majors in biology for pre-dental makes various statues that focus on religious figures like Jesus, Mary, Saint Patrick, Saint Cecelia, and many more. 

“Personally, it’s the joy, it’s the joy that I can bring people because I know there are things that people don’t want to share about their lives, but something simple like that, that can remind them to bring their struggles to prayer is just all I want, because I know I would want something like that as well,” Danelski said.

Although Danelski’s inspiration came from her religious faith,  Maddy McCabe finds inspiration in sharing her art through accessories, specifically earrings.

“I’ve always liked jewelry…and I actually hadn’t had my ears pierced until August. So when I got them pierced, I was like, I want to make so many earrings. And so I kind of started in like September or like early August and it’s just kind of taken off,” McCabe says.

One dorm over, McCabe, a double major in psychology and religious studies is an upcoming artist that seeks to create this same type of joy in people with her art. Using resin, paint, and many other materials, McCabe makes unusual distinctive earrings.

“I used to be very into painting and I still am. It’s kind of where my heart is, you know, but, with COVID and school, I’ve kind of got into paper crafting and that’s kinda how I got into press flowers and then resining was always something I kind of knew about, but then I wasn’t able to explore until this past year,” McCabe explains.

Both students see the importance of doing what they love and sharing it with other people,  but neither expected they would be starting their own business. 

McCabe describes, “I’m a college student, so I don’t want to pay too much, but I really appreciate small businesses and I know the effort and time it goes into…I know how much time goes into it and the price of materials.”

From baby chicks to bobble head turtles, it’s obvious Maddy will use any resources at hand to create unique earrings.

Whether it’s statues to help encourage others or earrings to bring some style to your wardrobe, it’s clear with these two there’s no lack of inspiration.

You can visit Maddy’s instagram page @artbinches and Laya’s etsy store at The Narrow Path Saints. 

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