Loras student completes viral cup blowing challenge

DUBUQUE- Viral videos come and go, but a recent video has gained some national attention for one of Loras College’s very own.

Jacob Beaton is a first year at Loras and he’s become a twitter sensation after completing an impressive cup trick. Known as the “cup blowing challenge” Beaton and his friends attempted to complete the trick during lunch. However, it was later that day when Beaton managed to blow on one cup and make it land into another.

Since then, the video has appeared on the Des Moines Register, USA Today’s online publication, NBC Chicago, and more.

In response to the wide viewership, Beaton reveals, “I had a bunch of family call me the other night and calling my parents telling me I was on the news. It’s been everywhere… I’ve seen it, I went to google and googled ‘Jacob Beaton cup trick’ and it’s been everywhere from California to Florida and Kentucky and basically everywhere in between.”

Since then, the challenge itself has received even more publicity. Although this isn’t how he predicted making headlines, Beaton says he’s embracing his newfound fame.

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