Loras Players present puzzling play

DUBUQUE- Places. Draw curtain.

St. Joe’s auditorium has been incredibly busy this semester already and we’re not even a full month in!

On February 10-12, the Loras College Players presented their original play, Public Dilemma.  The story follows the copyrighted character, Maryanne, as she gets caught up in the world of the Public Domain and attempts to find her way back to her show.   There, she meets Tom Sawyer, Paul Bunyon, and plenty more of everyone’s favorite characters.

However, it didn’t happen overnight.   In January, the group of students came together under the instruction of Professor Doug Donald and began pitching ideas for an original play made completely from scratch, appropriately dubbed, “Scratch Play.”  Not longer after, the students were busy writing the script, shooting supplementary video, and building the incredibly elaborate set.

When it all came together, members of the community were invited to see the impressive work of the students.

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Adrienne Pearson

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Adrienne is currently a senior at Loras College from Byron, Illinois. She is the sports producer and reporter for LCTV News and a staff writer at the Lorian. After graduation, she hopes to work as an editor in creative video production.

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