Loras Players present Duprov for 2nd consecutive year

Last Thursday and Friday nights were full of laughter as the Loras Players presented Duprov: Be More, Be Funny! Coordinated by Michael Okas and Benjy Miller, Duprov is in its second consecutive year as part of the program for the Players. Nine Duhawks practiced for over a month to deliver entertaining, laugh-filled shows to their audience.

“The cast worked really well together this year, which helps a lot with the entertainment factor,” Okas said. “We can play off each other to create some great moments on stage.”

Duprov allows students to attempt improvisation, a form of comedy that involves coming up with a sort of story or situation at the spur of a moment. There was little time to prepare since most characters and scenarios were picked from a suggestion bucket or straight from the audience themselves. From there, they worked with each other to create an entertaining act.

Since Duprov is all about improvisation, there’s no specific way to practice.

“It’s hard to be funny off the top of your head at any given point,” senior Duprov member Josh Kessenich said.

But this did not stop the group from working hard and thinking outside the box. Throughout the evening, they used different games to make the audience laugh.

“Even though the cast is important, the audience is essential in our show because they take the energy we give them and throw it right back at us,” said sophomore Duprov member George St. John. “A good audience makes the show even better: when they laugh, it motivates us as we perform.”

As for the future of Duprov, there are some potential changes on the horizon.

“We’re hoping to perform our shows in the theatre again at some point,” Okas said. “We also think it would be cool to make it an improv club and have shows more often. Either way, it’s an entertaining show not only for us, but for anyone who watches us perform.”

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