Loras Music moves online


In continuing with previously announced plans to transition online, Loras College Music courses have created an online curriculum for students. Differing from course to course, these online classes still allow face to face musical class time, as well as additional projects.

“I think some students will thrive in a more focused environment, especially those who might prefer to be left alone to do their work,”

Jeremiah Cawley, Assistant Professor of Music

For many of the Loras College orchestral groups, such as Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, Associate Professor of Music, Glenn Pohland has instructed students to download the program SmartMusic.  The program allows students to both receive and record their musical assignments.  Despite the change in environment, student musicians are determined to not let the transition get in the way of learning.

“I’m just going to have to motivate myself a little harder to get it all done,”

Mallory Gardiner, Sophomore Percussionist

Individual lessons between students and adjunct professors are also continuing on the online medium. “I have instructed the adjunct voice faculty to continue their regular teaching schedule via Skype” assured Cawley.

Loras Concert Choir meets to discuss online plans.

The Loras College Choral program has also put forth a variety of plans to advance student learning.  For Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, Professor Jeremiah Cawley plans to put together a “Digital Concert” for each class.  Concert and Chamber Singers will perform the choral pieces “O Most Merciful,” and “Hear my Prayer, O Lord” respectively, as well as completing a class-wide project.  The project pays homage to the traditional March Madness format.  Loras College choirs will complete a bracket to determine which Classic Choral piece Loras singers believe is best.

In addition to this, Cawley maintains he is still available to help out students.  “I have offered to all students that if they’d like to personally connect over [Zoom] to work on music that I’ll be happy to do that with them.”

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