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This coming weekend, the College Activities Board is hosting the annual Family Weekend here at Loras College. CAB will be hosting a series of exciting events starting Friday, Sept. 28 through Sunday, Sept. 30. After a month of classes, many students will be ready for a break. CAB hopes to offer a way to de-stress from all the hard work and offer a time for families to come together on campus.
Sophomore Cora Shefchik is the mind behind Family Weekend this year and is excited for what CAB will be hosting.

“Although there are many events going on during the weekend, not all are sponsored by CAB. The events sponsored by CAB that I have planned for this weekend include Six Appeal on Friday, Tailgate and Trivia on Saturday, and then the Brunch on Sunday.” Shefchik said. Family Weekend takes place right during a bitter Dubuque rivalry showdown. “I am looking forward to each event for different reasons, but I’m probably most excited for the Tailgate before the Loras vs UD game on Saturday. We have some fun things planned during the Tailgate, and there will be multiple organizations/clubs from around campus at the Tailgate to join in on the fun! And of course, the football game to follow will be so fun because we’re playing our biggest rival, UD,” says Shefchik.


“I would just like to remind everyone that even if they do not have family members coming, they are of course welcome to attend any event that they would like. Loras is one big Duhawk family, and everyone should join in on this special weekend” says Shefchik, in regards to students whose family will not be coming to visit. Shefchik and the rest of the CAB team are ready for a great weekend, and are excited for everyone on campus.

“My hope is that the families that come will enjoy the time they get to spend with their student(s) and also enjoy the all the wonderful events going on around campus throughout the weekend. I am only a sophomore and my family was unable to attend last year. I am excited not only to help host this fun-filled weekend this year, but also for my biggest supporters to come this year and join in on the fun.” Shefchik said.
For Friday, Sept. 28 CAB will be hosting Six Appeal at the St. Joseph Theater starting at 8 p.m. On Saturday, Sept. 29 they will be holding a parent Q&A session in room 453 in the ACC starting at 10 a.m. CAB will also host a tailgate for the football game in the Smyth Turnaround starting at 11 a.m. along with Late Night Trivia at the Pub beginning at 9 p.m. Brunch will be held on Sunday, Sept. 30 starting at 11:15 a.m. in the cafeteria.

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