Loras’ Hover Board Policy

DUBUQUE- People have been fussing over the technology of the future. One of the more common technologies today are hover boards.

Hover boards were first created and truly recognized over the Summer of 2015. They were a huge hit at first, but knowing modern technology, things seem to fall apart sooner than later.

As Christmas rolled around, many hover boards were quickly produced with low quality. Thus creating many reported incidents of hover boards bursting into flames.

The Assistant Dean of Students, Molly Burrows Schumacher, says that “around Christmas there were quite a few incidents of them spontaneously bursting into flames. So for us it was a fire safety issue, having them plugged in the halls when that might happen.”

The hover boards explode because of the way they were made. The battery was placed inside the machine, where it may get hit a lot if not properly taken care of. Another way they might combust is if they are left on the charger longer than they are instructed to be.

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