Loras College Dance Marathon


This year two-hundred Duhawks fund-raised over 200,000 dollars worth of miracles for the University of Iowa Stead Family Hospital.
The miracle families share their stories throughout the event, impacting the lives of many.

The Ryan family shares their story with the hope to spread the kindness they continually receive.

While Sarah Ryan was giving birth to twins one of the twins survived while the other became their miracle angel.

Sarah was in labor with twins when she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was admitted to the University of Iowa for special hospitality care.

She had to undergo a C-section and give birth to Addison and Elliot ten weeks early.

Ryan says, “ Addison and Elliot were born 10 weeks early at the university of Iowa hospital and Elliot lived for sixteen days and Addison spent 81 days in the Niku in Iowa city and we have been involved in dance Marathon for 11 years.”

To have a day where Elliot and other miracle angels are celebrated means the world to the Ryan family along with many other families.

“ And on his Anniversary October 5th every year we do a days worth of random acts of kindness. And So for the last two years we have taken five boxes of diapers to be delivered to moms and babies up at Finley’s birth suites. And so the last two years we have taken five boxes of diapers to be delivered to mom’s and both years in a row there were exactly five babies there each” says Ryan.

Loras College Dance Marathon remains the top dance marathon per capita in the nation for fund raising.

This year marks the colleges 14th season bringing their donation total to more than two million dollars.

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