Loras College Class of 2017

Dubuque, IA-Loras College welcomed the largest class since the start of the millenium over the weekend with close to 420 students in the class. Now, the real question is where is Loras putting all these students?

Meet Ryleigh Keeney, a freshman moving into the residence halls. She attended high school in Preston, IA where she had 32 students in her graduating class. “   “Yea it’s a big change from having 32 kids in my graduating class. At Loras College’s Convocation last Thursday, statistics were shared about the class including 417 students which hail from both the tri-state area and also Texas, Wyoming, and even Alaska.

All these high numbers are great but the Residence Life Office has to find a place to put all of these students. Jina Quade is the Assistant Director of Res Life and says, “It’s one of the largest classes in the past 20 years.”

Beckman Hall, traditionally the first-year class residence hall on campus is almost full with 259 of the 266 rooms filled. Rohlman Hall is also full with 81 rooms being freshman. With more and more students coming in every year Res Life says there is plans for new apartments or residence halls. “Those plans have been in the works for a few years now…we just need to get the funding and such.”

But for now, this freshman class is creating quite the buzz and excitement around campus. “About a 1,017 are in housing today..so we are 95% full..very exciting.”

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