Athletics Department rolls out new logo

Just in time for Loras College Homecoming 2018, Loras College Athletics unveiled a new logo as they look to move into the future. The news was broke through a story on which shares all the latest on Duhawk Athletics.

The story gave a glimpse at the reasons and efforts that went into creating a new logo. The decision was not a simple one and was well thought out by all involved. Duhawk Athletics reached out to freelance graphic designer Wes Teska out of Fort Wayne, Indiana for some creative guidance throughout the two year process.

Loras College has been balancing the school’s crest, the use of Dewey, and the “L” over the years and has caused a bit of an identity crisis. By establishing a new logo for athletics, many hope it will change that as this continues the college’s re-branding efforts.

Not only was the logo updated, but the color palette and typography structure were also redone. In the story it states, “The Gotham and Interstate font families have been adopted and implemented by Loras College as a whole along with a new swatch for the “Loras Purple”.”

The Duhawk community from far and near voiced their feelings on the decision to create a new logo.

There were many giving praise for the new look of Duhawk Athletics. Those that did like it talked about how it gave the school a professional and more intimidating look.

Loras President Collin said, “The new logo is so much classier and incorporates what should have been done long ago (aka, incorporating gold and removing yellow).”

Junior Austin Epple speaks highly about being a Duhawk and all that Loras has to offer but did not like showing the “Dewey” logo to others. He said it was “less-than-intimidating.” As a football player, he explained, “Duhawks are fierce, and now we have a logo that lets everyone know what we Du.”

Junior Krystyna Kaminski said, “The new logo looks more of a college logo and more professional and polished.” Much like Epple, she said using Dewey was “too immature-looking.”

Large transitions can be difficult to cope with because change does not come easy. Many people voiced different opinions of their dislike for the new logo. While the logo does look very sharp and sophisticated, some feel it looks similar to some of the other colleges using bird logos.

Senior Whitney Dempsey said, “It reminds me a lot of Whitewater Warhawks.”

Senior Olivia Clarey does like the new logo, but went on to add that it “reminds me of the logo used by other schools like Whitewater, Coe, and even Wahlert High School.”

The other big concern among those not in favor was what was going to happen to Dewey. Dewey has been an icon over the years. 

Junior Kelly Kerkenbush expressed the versatility of Dewey. She said, “Dewey was unique and fun. He could be used holding a football or kicking a soccer ball and a variety of different ways. ”

Terry Flahery (‘90) has been a big fan of Dewey since he attended Loras and as he continues to visit. He did also say the new logo reminded him of something else. He chuckled and said, “It looked like a car’s hood ornament from the 1960s.”

Developing and establishing the new logo has caused some confusion about the possible extinction of Dewey. Although he will not be used for the logo, Loras President Collins also said, “Dewey remains as our mascot. This is a sigh of relief for Flaherty and many who love the beloved Duhawk.


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