Loras Celebrates Its Legacy

LORAS COLLEGE – Loras students and faculty showed off their hard work on Wednesday at Loras’ second annual Legacy Symposium.

Throughout the day, members of the Loras community attended oral presentations, poster sessions, and an art show. The symposium showcased student and faculty academic achievements, creative projects, and service learning.

During the symposium, 355 students and 23 faculty members representing every major at the College were able to describe their accomplishments.


Lisa Garoutte, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology, says that one of the most unique aspects of this day is just how much the campus gets involved in the day. She says, “We have 100% participation across all majors. Every single major on campus is represented here today, which is amazing for only the second year.”

This event is beneficial for students and faculty alike because it allows them to share their talents in a whole new way. Garoutte says, “To have an opportunity to share what you’ve been working so hard on for sometimes a year or two is really important [and] that somebody beyond your professor gets to see that, I think, is just a moment that can create a lot of pride.”


Sophomore student, George St. John, is one of many students who enjoy what this event has to offer. He says, “I really enjoy seeing what we’re working on, what goes down in the classroom…and really having that celebrated by everyone in the Loras community. We’re all Duhawks today.”

The symposium wrapped up Wednesday evening with a Film Festival. The college looks to continue holding an annual symposium in the coming years.

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Melissa is a junior at Loras College originally from Balltown, IA. Melissa is Associate Producer of LCTV News. She enjoys learning more about Dubuque and the Loras community through the work done by herself and the entire LCTV crew. Melissa has been involved in Loras College Television for the past two semesters and looks forward to everything to come.

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