Loras celebrates interfaith harmony

Interfaith Harmony Week (IHW) is a worldwide event that promotes awareness and communication among people of religious and nonreligious backgrounds. Better Together, the interfaith group at Loras, tabled the first week of February to spread awareness and love for people of various backgrounds. There were posters and buttons to encourage people to choose loving others for their differences rather than fearing them. Their buttons state, “I choose LOVE over FEAR” and can be found in the Campus Ministry Office.

IHW is important because accepting others is crucial to global relations. If humans continue to fear those different from them, the world will continue to judge and hate others.

Senior and foreign exchange student Sara Alfayoumi gave a presentation about the struggles she faces as a Muslim in Syria and América.
“You know people, you understand them, you love them and there will be absolutely no war but peace,” Alfayoumi explained.

When people start to understand why people hold their beliefs, it helps bring to light the similarities between humans. It helps people to see that Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, and Muslims are all similar. It helps people to acknowledge that everyone is different, and that knowledge makes for richer and more fruitful friendships and conversations. If everyone was the same, the whole world would be bored out of their minds. If everyone was the same, there would be no room to grow into more accepting and loving individuals.

Loras, in partnership with Clarke University and the University of Dubuque, will be holding an Interfaith Leadership Conference from 8:30am-6:30pm on Saturday, Feb. 20. If you are interested in attending or learning more about the conference please contact Peace and Justice Coordinator Stacia McDermott, at Anastacia.McDermott@loras.edu.

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