Long live the Legacy

Building a legacy is a crucial part of Loras College’s foundation. A strong alumni network and the fact that one can hear “Duhawks supporting Duhawks” all across campus, shows that the students of Loras are locked into this one-of-a-kind community from day one. With each year, the Legacy continues to grow and prosper.
The Loras Legacy Symposium is a day where students, faculty, and staff are able to present their accomplishments in a conference-like setting right on campus. With classes canceled, the symposium creates the perfect opportunity for each student to share their own academic accomplishments, while exploring the work of their peers.

As an all-day, campus-wide event, attendance at the symposium flourishes. Students wander in the ballrooms, exploring the different poster projects or slip into classrooms to experience oral presentations.
The symposium celebrates interdisciplinary learning and academic accomplishment, and it creates a fun environment to network and explore projects outside of an attendee’s own field.

“I believe that the Legacy Symposium creates an opportunity for people to become more well-rounded and aware of other disciplines. I love learning about other students’ and faculty members’ pathways of education through their presentations and posters. There is no better way to bring the campus and Loras community together,” said sophomore neuroscience and psychology major Shania Kelly.
All are welcome to submit proposals to the Legacy Symposium and are encouraged to do so soon since the priority deadline for submissions is Feb. 22. Students of all classes and fields of study, along with faculty and staff, are encouraged to share their work, experiences, research, projects, papers, service or otherwise at Legacy. In the evening, Legacy is concluded with the Film Festival, where everyone has the wonderful opportunity to view the creative shorts students and faculty have put together.

“The Legacy Symposium is a day when people are excited about what it means to be part of a college community—we learn from each other, celebrate great ideas and research, and expand our ways of thinking. To me, the Legacy Symposium is the highlight of our academic work together,” said Professor of English and Honors Program director, Dr. Erin VanLaningham.
The sixth annual symposium this year is set for May 1. While it may seem like a distant date, students are encouraged to submit early to reserve their spot in creating the Loras legacy.

The priority deadline for Legacy Symposium submissions is Friday, Feb. 22.

However, the final deadline will go until Feb.28.

The submission form to submit either a poster or an oral presentation is on SharePoint or at the bottom of Legacy Symposium e-mails. Present your passion and be a part of the Legacy this year.

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