Local and Organic Foods in Dubuque

DUBUQUE- Residents venture to the local farmer’s market for a purpose that’s more than for the enchanting accordion music.

Dubuque native, Sandy Meier explains why she attends the market, “They’re made with enthusiasm and the people who grow the products here. It’s hard to match.”
Those at the city’s Food Co-op see the increasing demand for quality food, and they’re listening.

General Manager at the Co-op states, “Our mission is to serve their needs and sustainable practices are what they want most of.”
The Dubuque Food Co-op is only just two years old and already supports more than 85 local growers and producers. This helps the city’s economy and puts money directly in our local farmer’s hands.

Moody confirms, “We know that for certain especially among the growers and producers that they’ve been able to expand their markets.”

The Dubuque Rescue Mission has recently seen their sales for their micro green plants soar.

Ashley Neiss, director is the Dubuque Rescue Mission’s Garden happily exclaims, “We’ve been selling out every week actually, so we’re trying to keep up which is really great.”

Located in the heart of Dubuque, the Resue Mission has turned a vacant lot into a produce hub for many around the city.
“One of the things the director noticed when he got his position seven years ago was the lack of fresh foods available┬áso he wanted to start more opportunities to source fresh foods so we started growing it.”

Regardless if you attend the market, hit up the Food Co-op, or go directly to the Rescue Garden, the main goal is the same.

Moody says, “We’re just interested in the good health of the environment and people’s good health that these products help to provide.”

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