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DUBUQUE – The conference room in the Resources Unite building is a little cramped right now. That’s because food donations for the community organization Live Like Jack have been packed in and are ready to be put to good use.

Live Like Jack is a not-for-profit partnered with Resources Unite. The organization is headed by executive director Angie Hohmann who founded Live Like Jack in memory of her son, Jackson. Hohmann remembers Jackson as a determined, generous, and caring child.

“He would always donate toys; he would donate clothes,” Hohmann recalls. “He’d be the first one to give up his coat.”

It’s this caring and generous attitude that inspired Hohmann to make an impact in the Dubuque community. Live Like Jack now takes on multiple service projects throughout the year, but one of their largest efforts is the Thanksgiving Blessing Bags.

The Thanksgiving Blessing Bags collects food donated by community members. Those food items are then delivered to families in need to provide them with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The bags include everything from green beans to mashed potatoes and even a voucher for a turkey.

What is now a large-scale project started very small. When describing the origins of the Thanksgiving Blessing Bags, Hohman says they started with just eight meals.

“Those eight meals turned into 119 meals. In 2016 we delivered 153, and this year we’ll deliver over 300.”

Live Like Jack has grown exponentially due to support from the community and their many volunteers. One of those volunteers is Zach Haupert, Jackson’s best friend. Zach has helped with the Thanksgiving Blessing Bags since it’s very first year.

“We go to people’s doors and give them the bags,” Zach explains. When asked why he continues to volunteer for Live Like Jack, Zach recalls that “helping people out made me feel happy.”

The organizers, volunteers, and donors have all taken to heart a lesson that Jackson knew to be true.

“Jackson always taught us that one person can make a difference in the life of another,” says Hohmann.

The Thanksgiving Blessing Bags are scheduled to be delivered later this November. To learn more about Live Like Jack and how you can help support their cause, click here.



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Amber Krieg

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Amber Krieg is a junior at Loras from Dubuque, Iowa. She currently works as an Executive Producer and reporter for LCTV News. Amber is majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Outside of TV studio, she enjoys working in the theater with the Loras Players.

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