Lighthearted laughs with Azhar Usman

On Thursday, March 31, Chicago comedian Azhar Usman performed at Loras College. Dealing with the topic of Peace and Justice, Usman brought with him a unique style of humor that shamelessly blended social commentary with political satire to create an enjoyable yet thought-provoking presentation.

Born and raised in Skokie, IL, Usman is a well-versed and experienced comedian, actor, director and producer. He has performed in over twenty different countries and has worked alongside several other well-known comedians, including Dave Chappelle and Jim Gaffigan. Aside from his standup career, Usman was involved in several film and television projects, including the well-received independent film Mooz-lum and the more recent CBS special “What’s So Funny About Religion?” He also featured in several documentaries about Muslim American, such as the BBC special “It’s My Country Too: Muslim-Americans.”

Usman spoke about the issues of race, religion and equality in America. His performance incorporated elements of hard fact and comedy to deal with concepts of time, space, money, and the current political situation. Being a Muslim-American, Usman often took the opportunity to point out humorous incidents, such as being stopped at an airport, in a way that showcased the problems with the aforementioned issues.

Usman’s performance was well-received by the Loras community. His messages expressed considerable relevance to modern times. It is hoped that, as in the past, this will not be his final visit to Loras College.

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