Library raises $1.2 million for expansion

By Josh Vogt

Many library’s first concern would be their books, but that is not the case for the East Dubuque Public Library. Wanting to give back to their community, director Brian Gomoll, alongside the library’s foundation, have raised 1.2 million out of a 1.6 million dollar campaign to expand the library, and the expansion isn’t just about getting more space for books. We asked Brian Gomoll what he wanted to do for the community.

Library Director Brian Gomoll said, “A central hub where community members can even, y’know, use it for, y’know, off label type things, um…small receptions, baby showers, antique roadshow kinda events. We plan on doing a lot of that, offering a lot of community enrichments that way”

Brian Gomoll plans to begin construction in 2021, but the donations will remain open throughout the process.

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