Du Welcome Dr. Michael Bagby to Campus

Let’s give a nice warm welcome to Doctor Michael Bagby. Dr. Bagby is starting off his legacy here at Loras as a music and liturgy coordinator. He is a Dubuque native who completed his undergraduate degree in piano performance and vocal education at Iowa State University. He completed his master’s degree while attending the University of Michigan, and obtained his doctorate at the University of Illinois. When asked what he is looking forward to most this year, he responded saying, “I am really looking forward to the Mysteries of Christmas concert. It is a chance for us to celebrate Christmas together with lots of music and plenty of merriment”.

His new position here at Loras entitles him to coordinate the music at liturgical services, organize for help at each mass, and more. He is very excited to be here on campus, and is very happy with his position saying, “I have the privilege of working with students in a variety of settings. Whether at a Mass or in a piano lesson, my goal is to inspire the same fire that drives me in both liturgy and music”.

The campus has treated him well so far, and he is admiring his choice to be here. He expresses what he likes most about Loras so far by saying, “There is a special dynamic on this campus. It is a community of givers rather than takers. As I walk through the hallowed halls and stroll along the breathtaking trails, I see future leaders being taught about dignity and respect. I encounter smiles and greetings around every corner and a helpful hand at every turn. The adage rings true: “Do more, be more!”

On his free time, Dr. Bagby enjoys playing board games such as chess, where he brags about showing no mercy to Father Andrew Marr. He also enjoys improvising on the piano to relax ,and hanging out in the spiritual life office or the Visitation lobby as another form of unscheduled office hours. Dr. Bagby is a very uplifting person with a warm smile that will make anyone feel welcomed. His skills as a musician and as a person make him a great addition to the Loras community. The next time you go to mass, keep an eye (or an ear) out for Doctor Michael Bagby, and don’t be afraid to say hello. “It’s a great time to be a Duhawk, and I wear the purple and gold with pride”.

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