Du-welcome Allison Tringale!

Professor Tringale is Loras’ new assistant professor of business administration in the Francis J. Noonan School of business. She is a professor teaching subjects involving management, business stats, human resources management, organizational behavior, and more.
Tringale is from Dubuque, Iowa, and graduated from Clarke with a degree in psychology and a minor in math. She went to graduate school in Houston, Texas, where she studied industrial organizational psychology and psychology of work. There she also worked with the city to help improve the leadership development in the area, and also worked with the university on creating surveys to study possible necessities to change.
On her free time, Allison enjoys watching various sports, walking her dog, and hanging out with her cat.

“I really like the sense of community here at Loras. Everyone enjoys being here and is receptive to help when it is needed. That has been great because I am a person who is attracted to that sense of community. Everyone is excited to be here, which translates in to our work here on campus!” Professor Tringale said of her time at Loras so far.

“I am looking forward to getting familiar with the school this year! I want to meet people and get to know how the campus runs. I am also looking forward to familiarizing myself with the inner workings of campus. I am especially excited to help students grow in and out of the classroom, and to see them succeed!” Professor Tringale said. She is excited to be starting her first year of teaching here at Loras.
Professor Allison Tringale is an amazing addition to the Loras college staff team. Her smile and enthusiasm envelops the classroom and creates an atmosphere that is hard not to enjoy. It is easy to see that she is one who cares deeply about her job, and is passionate about helping the students learn and gain experience in the classroom. Keep your eyes out for Professor Tringale around campus, and du-not shy away from giving her a nice warm welcome to the Loras College family!

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