Legacy Symposium: Why you shouldn’t miss it

Many students studying at Loras discover that the true value of their pursuit of a college degree goes beyond the acquisition of a diploma. They are challenged to think critically, to never fear unanswered questions and to seek connections between their studies and the world that they live in. This event is the culmination of every reason why higher education is unquestionably valuable, and it is made possible by the engagement of those who go above and beyond to present their work for the rest of the community to see.

The Loras College Legacy Symposium is an event which, at the very least, showcases the scholarly and creative work of Loras College students and faculty members. However, it is more completely an event which allows members of the Loras community to collectively define what it means to value continued education and what it means to be a Duhawk who is analyzing the past, engaging in the present and creating a better future by way of exploring interests and utilizing talents. All members of the Loras community are encouraged to attend the event on April 27 and take part in the best of what Loras does as an institution of higher learning.

Featured at the event are oral presentations, poster presentations, roundtable discussions, an art exhibition and a film festival.

Oral Presentations: Fifteen-minute oral presentations will be given throughout the day in various locations in the Alumni Campus Center, Academic Resource Center, Keane Hall, and Wahlert Hall, by students and faculty members. The variety of presentation topics ensures that there will be a presentation of interest for everyone.

Poster Presentations: Posters of scholarly work will be presented by students and faculty members in the Alumni Campus Center Ballrooms throughout the four sessions of the day. Similar to the oral presentations, the topics are endless. Come and explore what peers and professors have been working on.

Roundtable Discussions: New to this year’s event are three roundtable discussions facilitated by members of the Loras College Center for Experiential Learning Office addressing how students can establish their legacies while at Loras. The three roundtable discussions will inform students of internship, service learning and AmeriCorps, and study abroad opportunities. If you are at all interested, look to these discussions in the Alumni Campus Center during the lunch hour.

Juried Art Exhibit: Throughout the first three sessions of the day, artwork will be displayed in the Alumni Campus Center Ballroom A, and artists will be available to discuss their work. The variety of media which will be displayed includes painting, drawing, mixed media, digital photography, digital illustration and graphic design. Come and marvel at the incredible work peers have created.

Film Festival: Finally, at the end of the night, the Alumni Campus Center Marie Graber Ballroom is transformed into a movie theater which will show ten films written, recorded and produced by Loras College students. Come and ride an emotional rollercoaster with friends while watching these gripping films.

Show support for the students and faculty members of Loras College by not only attending the day’s events, but also by asking questions. The Loras College Legacy Symposium is every Duhawk’s legacy. Engage, learn and grow as a student. Be inspired by the energy of the day.

To learn more, visit www.loras.edu/legacysymposium and follow the Loras College Legacy Symposium on social media.

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