Legacy Symposium: Submit and attend

by Natalie Droeske

Though a bit away, Loras College is proud to present the 4th Annual Loras Legacy Symposium to take place on May 3. This campus-wide event is a forum for both students and staff to present academic and creative accomplishments.

Resting at the heart of this event is the Duhawk community. Students and faculty are invited to submit and share their work in the form of different sessions throughout the day. The Legacy Symposium welcomes presentations on capstone projects, service trips, travel experiences, creative works or displays, research projects, case studies, internships and community involvement.

“(Legacy) gives students and faculty the opportunity to showcase their passions that otherwise may not be recognized. When I came back from my India J-Term, I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. Legacy gave me that opportunity,” said junior Ava Lalor. This showcase is meant to broaden the audience of a given presentation in order to reach as much of the Dubuque community as possible. This year, submissions are welcome until the Feb. 24 deadline.

“Loras is all about building a community of excellence. The symposium is an important day that brings us together as a community to support one another and broaden our knowledge,” said senior Kenzie Elsbernd.

After the submission deadline, the Legacy Symposium Committee will consider each entry and categorize presentations into sessions according to topic, which allows for easy navigation on May 3. This year’s committee consists of co-chairs Dr. Erin VanLaningham and Dr. Eric Eller, and members Dr. Aditi Sinha, Dr. Jonas Meyer, Dr. Julia Omarzu, Dr. Lisa Garoutte and Dr. Hilarie Welsh.

“(Legacy) gives me another opportunity to truly learn more about my Loras community, and see the creativity of my fellow Loras student body. I have learned much in the past about different engineering projects, the study abroad experiences in Ireland, or economic trade barriers: good or bad,” said Elsbernd. “By the end of the day, my only wish is to have more time to keep exploring the different educational projects.”

From the inside-out, the Legacy Symposium showcases the strengths and triumphs of the Loras community in a celebration of hard work and dedication. A strong emphasis on these qualities makes for presentations that can be described as nothing but impressive and recognition worthy.

“I love watching other people present about something they are proud of or passionate about. I also believe it helps make Loras stand apart,” said Lalor. This event, appropriately named, truly gives students and faculty the opportunity to create a legacy that pervades the current and future Loras community. It is something that will last long after their time here. Whether presenting or simply attending, the symposium allows for a rounded experience of exposure to what this school is capable of.

“Presenting at Legacy has given me confidence by showing me that people want to hear what I have to say. On the flip side, I love hearing what students and faculty have to share,” said Lalor. “If anyone doubts the feeling of the Loras community, they should attend the Legacy Symposium.”

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