Loras and lasers

By Cora Shefchik

On Friday, Nov. 8, the College Activities Board brought in Laser Trooper Laser Tag, a traveling portable laser tag arena. The price for one person to play a single game of laser tag is about six dollars, but thanks to CAB, students were able to play multiple rounds for FREE. Last year was the first year that CAB brought laser tag, due to request from a handful of students, and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this fun activity back.

Laser Trooper Laser Tag uses “LaserMaxx” to run their business. This a different type of laser tag play: instead of wearing a bulky plastic chest piece, the targets are on the laser tag guns, eliminating the need for a chest piece at all. This makes it easier to run around the course instead of having to cautiously walk around so as to not run into anyone else and their bulky chest piece. Something else unique about this traveling laser tag is the floor set up because the obstacles are inflatable and movable, something players can utilize during the game. You could create a fort to keep you and your team safe from whatever theme of combat you choose. The different themes include: one for all, teams, capture the flag, and zombie land.

“I feel like the event went really well! There was a good turn out, and everyone seemed to be having a really fun time!” said sophomore Patricia Droessler, a programmer for CAB.

CAB organizes one free event every weekend, so be on the lookout for other fun upcoming events. For now, CAB would like to thank everyone that came out to play Laser Tag.

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