Lady Caress: Poetry in the Pub

By Cora Shefchik

While technically a poet, Lady Caress has a unique way of performing by adding her own vocals and beatboxing into her thoughtful inspiring words to entrance the audience. She shared poems about Black History month and her personal life while also keeping it relevant and real for students. She told CAB she’s been performing for about six years now, and she enjoys every performance regardless of the audience or venue.

“I thought she had an upbeat and fun attitude that would reach all students on a different level. Her act was the first one CAB had seen like it and I knew that Loras students would enjoy her moving poetry and sick beatboxing flow,” CAB Programmer senior Liam Knudsen said.

Although there was a smaller crowd, this allowed Lady Caress to make the performance more intimate and made time to connect with students. She closed her set with an original poem called “Back in the Day.” She sings, beatboxes, and speaks her way through trends of the 1990s, and encourages the audiences to clap, snap, or make some noise.

CAB would like to thank all Duhakws that braved the cold to come hang out with and listen to Lady Caress. Stay tuned for more live events on campus.

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