Labor Club gives insight on Socialism

By Eddie Smith

The Loras College Labour Club seeks to organize Loras students around both the theory and practice of socialism, including antifascism, anti-imperialism, and an intersectional analysis of race, class, and gender. The purpose of our organization is to create political awareness among the student body and Dubuque community by providing an open venue for sharing socialist ideas.

Each event has been well attended and each brings new members with questions and opinions for discussion. We provide a safe place to share alternate perspectives, as well as explore socialism contrary to what is usually portrayed by U.S. media. As a club, we hope to clarify false information about socialism portrayed by the U.S. media and educate those who feel left behind by the current economic system. We seek to inspire others to educate themselves and to be confident in standing in solidarity against our oppressors.

The club was founded by 2017 Loras graduate Alex Kruse as a branch of the Young Democratic Socialists organization. Since then, the name has been changed to the Loras Labour Club, and our membership has grown to a dozen active voting members. We actively look to work with every club on campus who share the goal of liberating all people from oppression.

Over the past year, the main goal of the club has been to educate the public on socialism. Labour club hosts weekly events, switching between movie showings and Socialist Night Schools every other week. The first event of the semester was Socialist Night School: Bernie 101, an educational session detailing all of the policies being proposed by Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

In honor of Black History Month, we addressed the intersection between racial justice and socialism with a showing of “13th”, a documentary that focuses on the Prison Industrial Complex’s effect on the black community. Following the movie was a Black Socialist Night School, which explained the history of black socialist leaders such as Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, Angela Davis, and Martin Luther King. To conclude Black History Month we showed the film “Black Power Mixtape”, a documentary focusing on the evolution of the Black Power movement in the 1960s-70s.

This month, events have included a movie showing of “Cuba and the Cameraman”, which follows three Cuban Farmers for 45 years and their struggles that resulted from the Cuban Revolution and U.S. economic embargo. Senior Carlos Garrido, Labour Club member and philosophy major, kicked off the most recent event with “Marxism 101: the philosophy of Karl Marx,” and Loras Graduate Alex Kruse followed with his economic theory.

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