Knights of the Lunch Table: DuProv champions

This past Friday and Saturday, the Loras Players closed out their season with their annual improv show, DuProv. This year’s theme, Comedy for President, drew large audiences on both nights and filled St. Joseph’s Auditorium with round after round of laughter. The two performance nights were emceed by junior Austin Cousins.

“DuProv is a favorite event among the Loras community,” said co-coordinator Benjy Miller. “It’s also a favorite for the actors who participate.”

The event started by introducing both teams, which were composed of four members each. The first team, Knights of the Lunch Table, featured senior Michael Okas, junior Kyzer Moore, sophomore Ben Pashon and first-year Sarah Mueller. Illegal Karaoke was introduced next, which was composed of seniors Kyle Leeson and Stephanie Benic, Miller and first-year Ervin Yahr. Each team started the night by receiving a few points for the most liked team picture on Facebook before the battle began.

Each team went head to head in a variety of different games such as Moovin’ and Groovin’, Superhero, and Feature Film. After each scene finished, the judges awarded points to each team for creativity and use of given ideas. The judges were playwright Lenore Howard, Dean of Students Art Sunleaf and Admissions Representative Luis Santoyo.

A particular game that drew a lot of laughs from the audience was called A Day in the Life. This game began by asking an audience member their name, job, hobby, and dream. From there, three of the four team members created a scene using all of the given topics. They then had to repeat the scene twice, first with an emotion and then with a specific time period. During these games, it was crucial for each team member to stay focused and be creative in order to get points from the audience and judges.

“Improv is entirely listening and responding, which is hard if you don’t focus and place yourself in every scene,” co-coordinator Michael Okas said. “To prepare before the shows, I always took time to focus and block out any distractions.”

Both teams made the audience laugh as the night went on and received a few perfect scores from the judges. However, at the end of the night, The Knights of the Lunch Table beat Illegal Karaoke by a small margin to win the DuProv trophy.

“I got to have a blast being silly with my best friends while amusing my fellow Duhawks till they cried tears of laughter,” Benic said. “What more could a graduating senior ask for during her last stage performance?”

With Okas graduating this spring, Miller will be taking over the DuProv duties for the upcoming year. However, he is excited to see what the future of a favorite theater event has in store.

“I’m not quite sure what next year is going to look like yet. A lot of the plans are up in the air,” Miller said. “What I’m hoping to do is have a larger team and maybe some monthly shows. A lot of people enjoy DuProv, so I’m excited to see it continue to grow.”

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