Knights of Columbus reach fundraising goal for freshwater well

photo by Ashley Pudil

This past weekend, the Knights of Columbus hosted their annual fundraising event, Night with a Knight. This annual event allows Duhawks to bid on an array of items and dinners with the Knights to support the organization and their fundraising goals.

The festivities began on Friday night, Feb. 26, in the Pub. Emceed by juniors Josh Van Beisen and Kathryn Pranger, the auction began with a rendition of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” written to fit the theme of the evening by fellow Knight and senior JP Sevcik. From there, the auction commenced. Senior JP Sevcik, junior Kenzie Elsbernd, sophomores Brody Hooker, Matt Sedlacek, John Hedderman and first-year Zach Michalczyk were the six men who were auctioned off for individual dinners. Additionally, a dinner with FOCUS missionaries Krystal Goodale, John Prezzia, Mary Vercollone, and Mikel Hogan was available for purchase. The auction was rounded out with an auction for cookies baked by the Daughters of Isabella and scotcharoos made by campus minister Debbie Gross. All of the auctioned items were led by auctioneer and Duhawk alum Patrick Sperfslage.

“The night itself was a lot of fun and the food was, of course, delicious,” Knight John Hedderman said. “A big thanks goes out to those who helped in any way possible to make the event happen.”

The auction raised $362.50, and the money raised is going toward the Wells For Life program to have a freshwater well built in Africa. The Knights have been working towards this goal for a few years, and they are excited to see the full picture come together.

“It feels very exciting to reach a goal that we worked so long for. We are so close to seeing a change in this world because of  the money we raised this weekend,” Grand Knight Kenzie Elsbernd said.

The Night with a Knight dinner was held in the O’Brien room at Nativity Catholic Church on Sunday, Feb. 28. Six tables were set up adorned with blue tablecloths and floral centerpieces. As the tables filled, the room livened up with conversation and laughter.

To begin the meal, salad with Italian dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons was served by the other members of the Knights of Columbus. After the salad and before the entrée, junior Josh Van Beisen kicked off a trivia game, which quizzed the Knights and their dates on all things related to the Knights of Columbus and Catholicism. The prize for answering the most questions correctly was two tickets to Mindframe Theaters. In the end, the FOCUS missionaries and their table won the tickets. The entrée was chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. Following the delicious entrée was a dessert of Perkins pies. The options were caramel apple, Dutch apple and cherry. Even after the meal had ended, the conversation did not. For some time after the meal had ended, conversation continued just as it had all night.

“We had many laughs, good spirits, full bellies, and provided to a charitable cause all in one weekend,” Elsbernd said. “I would say that was a good night to remember.”

The next fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus is the April Fool’s haircut fundraiser, which will take place during the first full week in April. Much like Night with a Knight, this fundraiser allows students to bid on funny haircuts for each Knight. The style that receives the most money is the haircut the Knight will get. Additionally, the Knights sister organization, the Daughters of Isabella, are getting ready for their annual spring formal, which is planned for Friday night, April 29. Check back with The Lorian in April to see how to get involved and donate money for the event.

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