Jumbotron is coming to the Rock Bowl

By Jorge Ramirez (TheLorian)

After an atypical start, the 2020 fall semester is coming to an end for all colleges and universities across the country. Loras College is the perfect example of a school that had to adapt to various unprecedented circumstances, not only trying to keep everyone safe, but also attempting to provide its students with quality experiences for those pursuing the on-campus option in this hybrid program. Despite the fact that this semester was unusual, and many events were canceled due to COVID-19, this year is going to end with a positive note: there will be a new scoreboard in the Rock Bowl Stadium.

With the help of Daktronics, one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic displays, this artifact will soon become an asset for the Duhawks. It is also a combined effort coming from the Loras College Media Studies Program, the Physical Plant, and Mike Doyle (91’), the Vice President for Institutional Advancement. He was specifically responsible for finding the funds and the right donators in order to finish this project properly.  

This new jumbotron will be put in place two weeks from now, and it will come with many features which will be appealing to any student or staff member attending any sort of athletic event taking place in here in the foreseeable future.

First of all, it will be completely digital, as opposed to the old version which simply modified the scores as games progressed. This jumbotron is expected to change its layout depending on the sport being played, providing the viewers with different features and aesthetics.

This project, which began as an idea about four years ago, is finally becoming a reality in the next few days. During the month of December there will be specific training provided to the staff members belonging to the Department of Communications and those in charge of monitoring the scoreboard throughout every event.

Besides becoming an asset for the Loras College Athletics, the school also plans to use it for other sort of activities involving the College Activity Board (CAB), with the intention of hosting occasional movie nights for any Duhawk student wanting to join. Additionally, it could also serve as a welcoming method for the admissions group to use whenever there is recruiting visits happening on campus.

Lastly, a speaker will be added on top of the scoreboard, which will enhance the sound of the commentator, as well as the music being played throughout an event. It is important to highlight the magnitude of this project. This new scoreboard will be the 10th biggest in Division III across the country. Loras College constantly tries to improve its infrastructure and its facilities on campus, and this is the perfect example of it. The jumbotron is finally here.

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