Jeb Bush returns to Dubuque looking for campaign boost

DUBUQUE – The Iowa Caucus is only 60 days away and former Florida governor Jeb Bush is looking to set himself up for a strong run after a recent poll had him receiving only 5 percent of the Republican vote.

An energetic crowd of 70 greeted Bush as he spoke in Heritage Hall at the University of Dubuque, fielding questions from the audience on hot button issues such as college tuition and national security threats, especially ISIS

“So this is a global challenge and without American leadership we’re not gonna be successful in taking it out. If we want to protect the homeland, we have to, in effect, declare war on ISIS,” Bush stated in response to a question on how he will prevent the loss of American lives from ISIS.

Those in attendance enjoyed his passionateĀ approach and his plan to challenge the status quo in Washington D.C., especially Darlene Block of Dubuque.

“I’ve listened to him a lot and I like his aggressiveness towards ISIS and I like the plans for the illegal immigrants and the idea of changing Washington around from where it is now,” said Block after Bush’s speech Tuesday morning

Bush continued his push through eastern Iowa with trips to Waterloo, Goose Lake, and Newton hoping to garner support before caucus night on February 1st.

“I like him, I hope he comes up in the polls cause I would like to vote for him,” said Frank Shepherd Jr of Dubuque, who brought along his young son to see Bush speak

As news cameras crowded in, Bush took the time after his speech to talkĀ one on one with voters, including those first timers who came to see if he’s earned their vote

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