Irish Dancing

DUBUQUE, IA- “It’s so much different from any other styles of dance and its so unique and there’s just a passion behind it that indescribable.”

For Shannon Cohoon, you could say her love of Irish dancing is in her blood. “My grandparents went to go see a tour Riverdance right when it first came out and both being Irish they really thought it would be a great way to incorporate Irish heritage into our lives and she signed me up for my first year of lessons and it kind of kept going from there”

But its more than just fancy footwork. From head to toe and everything in between, it’s all about style and attention to detail. Competitions are serious in this sport. “Your hair has to be perfect, you can’t even have one little strand poking out and you have to get the fake lashes and you tan your legs which everyone thinks is funny but it shows your muscle definition and looks good against the stark white socks.”

Shannon has been able to travel all over the United States and even dance in Ireland and Scotland for these competitions. She says she simply cannot give up her love for dancing.

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