Iowa Statehouse Candidates Host Forum

DUBUQUE – Dubuque voters are feeling more informed today after statehouse candidates running for office on November 6th came together at the City Chambers for a public forum.

Hosted by the League of Women Voters, the discussion featured Incumbents Tod Bowman and Chuck Isenhart as well as new candidates Pauline Chilton, Lindsay James, Nancy Fett, and Hank Linden.

For almost two hours, the candidates answered questions from the audience regarding education funding, health care, the legalization of marijuana, voting restrictions, animal rights, and more.

The evening was marked by candidates crossing party lines to find common ground.

One notable instance saw Pauline Chilton, a Republican, expressing her views on the privatization of Medicaid.

“This is an issue that I cannot defend my party on,” said Chiton. “It’s not hard to figure out that the states’ privatized Medicaid system is not working as it should.”

League of Women Voters President Mary Rae Bragg explains why holding an event like this is so important for the community.

“There’s nothing that substitutes a real encounter with an individual to get a feeling…[if] these [are] people that can listen to what [voters] have to say,” said Bragg.

Not in attendance for the forum were candidates Carrie Koelker and Shannon Lundgren.

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