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Jon Quinn (TheLorian)

On this day in history, Feb. 11, 1958, Ruth Carol Taylor became the first Black women to serve as a flight attendant in the United States. Inventors, authors, activists, and individuals like Taylor will be celebrated all this week on the Alumni Campus Center concourse. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the black lives who have made a difference and worked to change the world for the better.

Some additional Black History Month events occurring this week include Student Life and Forward Thinking co-sponsoring a movie night. This event will be this Friday, Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. in the ballrooms. The film that will be showed is called “Coming 2 America.” The film is a comedy but also has some romantic-comedy elements. It’s about a king going to America to appoint his son to his thrown. The cast includes some big names like Eddie Murphy, Shari Headley, and Wesley Snipes.

Some school-sponsored Black History Month events to look out for next weekend includes Black Creatives in Activism. This event will display activist media and offer insight to the work that happens behind the scenes that a lot of people may not see or know about. This event will be located on the ACC concourse and is sponsored by the Peace and Justice organization on campus. If you have any questions, please reach out to senior Alyssa Corkery.

Next week Thursday, Feb. 18, the Literary Society will be sponsoring a Trivia Night in the Ballrooms. The time is not yet determined but reach out to junior Coy Pederson for any questions. The following day, the Campus Activities Board will host comedian Kiry Shabazz in the Pub and online at 8 p.m. Shabazz has appeared in movies and television shows like “Disgruntled” (2013), “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers” (2020), and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014). Any questions can be directed to junior Thomas Kampmier.

Be sure to pick up the next issue to of The Lorian to find out the rest of the Black History Month events happening here on campus.

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Jon is currently a junior who is double-majoring in Media Studies and Public Relations. He is heavily involved at Loras as a campus photographer, residential adviser, and a sports editor for the school newspaper, The Lorian.

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