Inspiration served at LIFE Dinner

April 28 was the 25th annual LIFE Dinner down at the Grand River Center. Hosted by the Dubuque County Right to Life foundation, it serves as a yearly gathering for all those who seek to end abortion in both the nation and the world at large. This year was no exception, as people of all places, faiths, and positions came together to support a cause they deemed worthy to the highest degree: the protection and preservation of the lives of all unborn individuals.

The event was hosted by Right to Life Chairman Jack Mescher and Executive Director Hannah Brehm. It featured the special guest Dan Kulp as keynote speaker. An actor, writer, singer, and comedian, Kulp has been a longtime supporter of the right to life movement. Inspired by his own family life and siblings who had special needs, he and his wife have adopted several children who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. His first son, as it were, was the first child diagnosed with Down Syndrome who was adopted out of China. Despite the difficulties that came with raising his children, Kulp nevertheless regards them as the most treasured part of his life, citing that God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.

“The LIFE Dinner reinvigorated my passion for the pro-life movement,” said senior Christine McDonald. “They keynote speaker was very lighthearted yet also serious throughout his talk. He reminded me that ultimately the pro-life movement is about allowing others to experience and live the gift that life is. His personal stories of growing up with a brother who had Down Syndrome and of adopting children with special needs really touched me as well. Every human being is beautiful and should be respected, nurtured, and given the chance to reach his or her potential.”

In light of the recent closing of Dubuque’s former Planned Parenthood operation, attendees of the event were urged to continue their involvement in pro-life matters of all capacities. Next year’s LIFE Dinner will be on Friday, May 4, also at the Grand River Center.

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Brennan Pivnicka is a writer for The Lorian.

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