In-person classes granted to resume

By Megan Himm (TheLorian)

LORAS COLLEGE – After two weeks of fully online learning, students are finally able to get back to the hybrid style of classes that they have become accustomed to. This change comes after the Oct. 9 campus update email. Two weeks after the college moved to Alert Orange status, it has returned back to Alert Yellow. After multiple on-campus test days, the overall numbers have decreased. This came as especially good news to those who were uncertain about which direction the college was headed in regards to online or in-person course delivery.

“I’m surprised to see the positive case numbers going down.  I was not expecting this to be the case since I know many people who have recently been testing positive,” said first year Payton Markowski.

The two biggest results of the change to yellow status are that hybrid classes may resume and common areas that had been closed are reopening, with safety measures in place. Markowski sums up what many students find to be true,

“I prefer hybrid classes, because I learn better in an in-person environment as opposed to online.”

While the hybrid approach is still not completely normal, having some classes in person can help to normalize the college experience during this abnormal time. First year Sarah Conley commented on this, stating that:

“Having hybrid lets you get to know your classmates better because it’s hard to really get to know people with an online class. Honestly, it’s also just really nice to have an excuse to get out of your dorm room and be in new locations.”

Online classes may have been convenient, especially for early morning classes, but many students truly value the face-to-face mode of delivery to virtual.

In order to keep COVID-19 numbers low, the majority of the mitigation strategies are still being kept in place. These efforts include avoiding large social gatherings such as bars and house parties. Small gatherings are recommended to take place outside while still maintaining social distancing; virtual opportunities for socializing are also recommended. Sanitation measures remain strict and are in place in the recently-opened common rooms and kitchens.

Overall, the students are happy to get back to what they now know as normal,

“I’m excited to go back to in-person classes because some of my classes, such as my labs, required for one to be in person. It’ll take time to get used to again, but at least these are signs that the whole COVID-19 situation is improving,” Karime Talamantes, a first-year said.

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