I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

DUBUQUE- I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change is a musical comedy all about relationships. This wonderful production was put on by the Dubuque Grand Opera House.

There were only five actors and actresses casted in this musical, two of which are our very own Duhawks at Loras College.

The musical comedy has a unique style to it, where each scene has a different set of characters and scenarios. Each scene varies between every possible relationship outcome you can think of. Wether it be dating, marriage, divorce, one night stands, this musical comedy was easy to enjoy with a relatable plot for everyone.

Junior Amelia Acompanado, and Senior Samuel Whan were the two outstanding Duhawks in this musical. Both Duhawks are music education majors at Loras and have been working together since the beginning of their college career.

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