Housing lottery: Are there winning chances?

The Lorian solicited open-ended answers for this “What Du You Think?” feature. The five respondents pictured above approved publication of their answers and allowed us to take their photographs. Of the 80 total people who responded to the survey, 83.8% do not agree with the age requirement on off-campus housing, 70% agree with the minimum GPA requirement, and 51.2% thought houses did not accommodate group sizes well.

As housing registration for next year rolls around once again, it seems only fitting to take a look at the ever-present ins-and-outs of the residence situation on campus, how it works and where it’s going.

At present, campus residency is decided via a random lottery system based on credits completed by each student to assign sign-up times. Students with more credits receive earlier sign-up times. Special consideration is given to students with medical needs or disabilities.

In regards to off-campus housing, many have observed that there are few Loras houses that allow for more than four students to live together at a time. This is entirely due to the city code of Dubuque, which states that any campus houses that are classified as single family residual buildings cannot have more than four unrelated people residing in them.

“This has been a problem in the past, and students not following this rule have had to relocate back to campus. We opted to remain focused on four-person housing because of that,” said Molly Burrows-Schumacher, Loras’ assistant Dean of Students.

The school’s residency-requirement is still in place, with students who are under 21-years-old or who have fewer than 80 credits are required to live on-campus. This is done mostly to the benefit of the student body, as it allows students to connect more locally with the faculty and staff. It has also been shown that students who live-on campus tend to have a higher GPA than those who live off campus, making it easier for them to graduate within four years.

“We know that providing a variety of housing experiences is important to our students, so when the option to acquire additional options—specifically houses and apartments—that students might be interested in becomes available, we work to bring these options online to students,” says Schumacher. “Our sign up process has moved online so students have more flexibility and convenience in selecting their on-campus housing options.”.

Plans to develop and expand housing options are in development. The school is currently working on a project to update and improve lounge spaces in the dormitories. The lounges in Beckman Hall are to be painted and supplemented with better furniture, charging ports, and television sets. Once this is done, similar modifications are planned for Rohlman Hall.

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