House fire on Loras Blvd.



UPDATE: The two victims hospitalized from Tuesday fire on Loras Blvd have been identified. 

According to the Dubuque Police Department, 21-year-old Megan R. Arthofer and 34-year-old Randy A. Grutz were injured in the house fire. 

There’s no update on the current conditions of Arthofer and Grutz. However, according to the Dubuque Fire Department both suffered life-threatening injuries. 

This is a developing story, stay tuned for more updates.


The Dubuque Fire Department responded to a house fire last night at 586 Loras Boulevard shortly after 9PM. Two people from the residence were taken to the hospital. Key West ambulances took a male patient to Mercy Hospital and a female to Finley Hospital. Both were reported to have sustained potentially life threatening burns. Their names and conditions are not known at this time. The fire was contained within about 15 minutes, but responders were on the scene until around 10:00PM.

Dubuque Fire returned to the scene around 6:00AM this morning, after a witness reported seeing smoke from the residence. Emergency vehicles were still seen at the house until 9:00 this morning.

According to a press release from the Dubuque Fire Department, the home was extensively damaged. The fire is believed to have taken place mainly in the lower level of the house. It has not been confirmed if that is where the fire originated. The cause of the fire has also not yet been confirmed.

Witnesses to the scene (who prefer to remain anonymous) report hearing a loud noise from the house moments before the fire was visible from outside. 

“We saw it from the beginning, people came running out the door screaming for help… and all of a sudden behind them was this cloud of smoke,” another recalls. 

9 units from the Dubuque Fire Department reported to the scene, as well as Farley Fire Department supplying the Dubuque County air supply trailer.

Photo courtesy of Jon Quinn.

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