Hope House Hopeful for Expansion



The Hope House of Dubuque is looking to expand. With 12,000 dollars of their 60,000 dollar goal in the bag, Tom Johnson, a volunteer and coordinator of the house, hopes to start the expansion right away.

Each Sunday and Monday night, Hope House hosts a dinner that is open to all it’s residents, along with anyone else who wishes to join.

With nearly 200 people coming to each dinner, the need for space is becoming more and more obvious.

With the expansion, Hope House will be able to house woman and children, along with the men who are already residents. Hope House is about more than just a place to stay, it’s a place to find yourself and find a family.

According to volunteer, John Johnson, “Hope House is all about restructuring the individual to where it’s a loved environment, to where they’re moving forward on the honor system basically. If they do well, then everything is well.”

Hope House holds weekly round table discussions to get their residents engaged with one another. Topics for the discussions range everywhere from religion to addiction.

With nearly 12,000 homeless people in Iowa alone, Tom Johnson understands that this is a growing problem, and is taking help in every way he knows how.

“Jesus said that those who give food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless and any kind of help to people in need will be welcomed into Heaven, because wherever one of the least of our sisters and brothers is in need, Jesus is there with them.”

For more on the Hope House of Dubuque visit https://www.manta.com/c/mw2lz9p/hope-house .

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