Hempstead High School Renovations

Dubuque, IA-From 2004-2009, Hempstead High School went under major renovations to a portion that cost just over 16 million dollars.

Now, Hempstead is moving into the next phase of this major project in which they are hoping to break ground by June 1st.

At Monday’s School Board Meeting, the board announced the approval of this new project; costing about 32 million dollars.

Otto Krueger, who serves on the school board, said this project will benefit the students of Hempstead. “It’s going to add a high-tech, newly designed Hempstead building.”

Many different renovations are in the works including a new auditorium along-side new facility for the band and choir. Mark Lawler, one of the Assistant Principals at Hempstead says the current building is behind in technology standards and also needs more space for classes that are offered through Northeast Iowa Community College. Hempstead plans to offer more classes through the community college when there is room for more classrooms.

New administrative offices and a new gym are also part of the project. “That’ll give us space for practice as well as games and weekend activities as well.” Hempstead officials says they are excited for the new changes coming to their high school.

“We’ll be able to provide the appropriate classroom space for students to keep learning you know….we’re in the 21st century now and we need to keep figuring out how to give them the best education we can.”

The School Board will be hearing bids from contractors until the end of March and the project is expected to break ground by June. Officials from Hempstead estimate the project to be completed by 2016.

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