Hempstead Construction

Dubuque,IA-Students at Hempstead High School are dealing with some parking changes thanks to a major construction project taking place on campus.

Right now, crews are working hard to make a series of updates to the building in an effort to modernize the school for the 21st century. The work area stretches into the parking lot, pushing school officials to do some shuffling.“The original estimates really scared us about how many spaces we would lose. And it wasn’t as bad as we originally thought,” says Mark Lawler, Assistant Principal.

A portion of the construction was completed during the summer in order for students to be less affected during the school year. Now Hempstead’s main concern is communicating with students and parents to keep everyone safe in the midst of the renovation project. ”

So it’s just a lot of changes. So everybody’s just adjusting really well and everyone’s been very patient. It’s been great.”

The project is set to be complete by January 2016.

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